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  • What is the meaning of the tattoo on Nengi's lap?
  •  As a fan, you become too concerned about your favourite celebrity and their lifestyle and you ask questions about something you find weird or confusing about them and that is exactly where I find myself as at the time of writing this article. I am a big fan of Nengi as a well as a lot of you reading this article and if you are very observant, you will notice that in her last post on her Instagram page, she had posted a picture of herself in a bikini sitting by the pool holding a Remy Martin wine bottle and her right thigh, was quite exposed and her tattoo was showing very clearly. An inscription that is being written in another language perhaps because I took a closer loom and couldn't read what was written there so that's why I am seeking your answers to satisfy my curiousity and take me out of my ignorant state. Take a look at the main picture and the zoomed side of the thing

    It is never my intention to bring your mind to anything negative about the picture. I only zoomed it so that you can see clearly, what is written on her thigh and for you to see if you can read a meaning to that tattoo. Have you ever drawn a tattoo on yourself because your favourite celebrity has one, or did you ever stop following a celebrity because they had tattoos on their body? In essence, what I am trying to say is that celebrity lifestyle have an influence on us in one way or the other either positive, or otherwise.

    Nengi is one of the hottest female celebrity on the block right now if not the best. Her glory came into existence ever since she stepped into the big brother house and her star shined brighter when she came back from the show and ever since, every thing about her life changed completely. She has bagged so many endorsement deals and still getting more. There is no better way to tell a success story. Check out some lovely photos of Nengi, Nigeria's female shining star.

    If you know what it means, drop the answer in the comment section and kindly follow me up for more posts. Thanks for reading. 

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